About Us

Royal Series originated from the Co-Founders of Mobilia Group, Anita Eddine and Vanessa Saab. Being the leaders in the residential property sector in their industry they realised that the ever growing Billion Dollar property market was missing that Grand lifestyle. Having staged and seen thousands of properties over the years, their clients yearned for more, The Royal Series then became a true reality! We wanted a name that had a sense of Royale and represented the impeccable luxurious experience that is available through this service.

Our concierge team is complete with highly qualified Designers that hold extreme attention to detail only with our experienced delivery team. Our mission is not only to provide an unforgettable experience for our clients but one they will talk about for years to come. Our home is where our heart is and to be able to recreate the lifestyle of Luxury within our clients’ homes is what our team is set out to achieve with a unique experience
every time!